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Hey if there is something you would like me to put on this blog, something that will make this blog more interesting such as contests, or a picture of something for my Awesome pics of anything and everything page, email me at

♥ Allison

me when I was 4
me now.

About me....
  1.  Fav color? Blue
  2. Fav animal? Horse
  3. Fav sport? Basketball and Volleyball!
  4. Fav thing to take pictures of? People.
  5. Fav food? Mashed potatoes!!
  6. Fav movie? I have a lot, but I would say one of my new favorites is Soul Surfer.
  7. 2 best vacations? Florida (Sea world! and to see my grandparents) and Montana (To see my Amazing cousins!!)
  8. Place I love? Valleyfair!!!! {Wild Thing!}
  9. One goal? I want to be a veterinarian.
  10. If  I had one wish? I really want a horse!! I would wish for a horse :)