Saturday, July 30, 2011

My beautiful friend, Sammy(:

My friend Sammy is....

Seriously funny.
An Amazing friend.
Magnificent! She is truly magnificent.
Most excellent!
Yay! is my response when I get to hangout with her :)

<3 S A M M Y <3


a sunset picture Sammy took. Isn't it beautiful?!?

Sammy drawing on my mirror... wanna know what she drew??

A picture of herself!! it looks good!

Sammy and I

Us, again :)

You are one of my best friends and I hope to keep you as one of them for my whole life! You are amazing to me. Everything you do is great. I admire you so much. You are a great friend and I love you so much, and I hope we are friends forever.

Friday, July 29, 2011


Yesterday I went to the Zoo with my family and my sister's friend. I had a lot of fun even though there was a lot of walking. Here are some pictures that i took at the zoo.

Star fish!!

Dolphin Lagoon.... but we didn't see any dolphins :(

my sister's friend, Zoe.

see the striped fish??

and you'll never guess what else they have.....

Sea Dragons!!


Bear prints they had on the side walk... aren't they cool?

Bear!! ♥

Okay, I love this bear so much!! He's so cute.

Bear's habitat.

another bear. there were 3 bears in there.

Leopards! I loveeee leopards.

there's another one!

awww he's so cute!! his eye's scare me though. :)

That was my trip to the zoo..
What's your favorite zoo animal?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Trip!!!

For the past week and a half, My family and I have been on vacation. We went to South Dakota for a couple days and then went to Montana (where my amazing cousins and aunt and uncle live) and we were there for a week. I couldn't have had a better summer trip. On Monday we rode their horses. I rode their horse Trigger (he's my favorite!) my sister Jackie rode Misty (a horse they borrowed from their friends) my sister Jessica rode their horse Kate and my cousin Erika rode their horse Winstar. Winstar is definitely the most beautiful horse they own. We watched a different movie every night ;) Tuesday, we rode again only this time we picked up my cousin's old ponies (Bobo and Stormy) and 2 other horses (Chancey and Jo) we rode them for a bit. Then we went to lake Elmo!!  We stayed for hours it started to rain when we were in the water then there were some really big waves so we got out but then the rain stopped so we stayed longer. Wednesday, we went shopping (me, my sisters, my mom 2 cousins Erika and Elle and my aunt). After we were done shopping Erika took my 2 sister's back and Elle, my mom, my aunt and me went to see my cousin, Erin and her husband's new house. :) then we went on a trail ride when we got back. A lot of up and down steep hills. It was a lot of fun! Thursday, we went boating!!! Tubing was a lot of fun!! We flipped off a lot :) I love boats! On Friday, Erika's friend Mackenzie came over and we hungout with her for the whole day and watched movies and did nails (I got crackle!!) it was a ton of fun. And on Saturday........ we left :(   Montana was the best place to go! I got to spend time with my cousins and go places and ride horses.

We went to see mount Rushmore!

we drove through a park and saw donkies!

lots and lots of donkies..

2 of them stuck their heads in our car. it was so cute!

Bobo!! Last time i saw him was when i was in 3rd grade!!

There's Winstar! he was a little upset because all the 7 of the other horses were all saddled up and people were riding them but nobody was riding him.

that's my cousin Elle!

Me and Elle <3

This is Erika..... she didn't want her picture taken (Elle took this one)

Haha I love this picture!

Pictures from the trail ride!
That is Winstar on the left, Jo in the middle and Chancey on the right/end.

the big white/gray horse is Trigger! Trigger is my favorite horse ever! the brown horse is Winstar the black pony is Bobo.

Brown Winstar, Trigger, Bobo, white horse is Misty (i rode her on the trail ride) and the horse in the way back is Kate.. you can't really see her.

Jackie and Bobo

Misty ♥

Jackie and Bobo

Erika and I with Misty
the 3 of us again.

Me & Misty

Elle and Kate...... Jackie and Bobo in the back.

me, elle, erika and jackie on our horses.

Erika <3

How does she get one eye up and the other down????

We were making Big Top cupcake for people who know what that is.. and we made Big Top cookie.



Elle used this as her 4H project :)

here are some things they have in their house

I love this!

this is Copper!!! Their little puppy. He's 4 months old!

me & elle

me & erika


look at copper's tongue!

I love their house!

yard decorations!

These next pictures are drawings my cousins did for me.

Nerds by Elle ♥

2 pictures of Spirit by Erika ♥

See you all next year!!!