Saturday, July 2, 2011

Canterbury Park

Canterbury Park. A fun place for.....
  • Watching live horse races
  • Playing poker (I don't play though ;)
  • Other table games
  • And more..
Welcome to....

Race track


 His name is Elloree Tiger.

Elloree Tiger wins!!

Pretty horse!! Her name is Supreme Ghost.


#7, Big Cheer won!! <3

Big Cheer and family in the winners circle.

I love Silver Tuxedo!!


Silver Tuxedo won!!!! Yay!

this horse looks like a horse I know named Penny!

Beautiful horse!

Awww... look how pretty he is.

His mane is braided!

The very beautiful B'Wanagoldmine!

Mountain Of Honey!

Miss Baby Benton. (I saw this horse race last year! She got 3rd place, and I'm just telling you now that in this race she got 2nd!!)

the winner is #5!!!

#4, Shiloh Reign wins!!

*Dangerous Guns* wins the 9th race!

#3 again..

#5 again..

#3, The Regal Streak wins the last race!!

That's where I went last Saturday!!!