Friday, July 29, 2011


Yesterday I went to the Zoo with my family and my sister's friend. I had a lot of fun even though there was a lot of walking. Here are some pictures that i took at the zoo.

Star fish!!

Dolphin Lagoon.... but we didn't see any dolphins :(

my sister's friend, Zoe.

see the striped fish??

and you'll never guess what else they have.....

Sea Dragons!!


Bear prints they had on the side walk... aren't they cool?

Bear!! ♥

Okay, I love this bear so much!! He's so cute.

Bear's habitat.

another bear. there were 3 bears in there.

Leopards! I loveeee leopards.

there's another one!

awww he's so cute!! his eye's scare me though. :)

That was my trip to the zoo..
What's your favorite zoo animal?


  1. I have the same shirt Zoe has on! :] Lovely pictures1 Looks like you had fun!