Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!!

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!! Candy candy candy! yummmmm! Im goin trick or treating!!!!!!!!!! are you???? a lot of my friends are!! :) (:  hehehehehe i cant wait!!!!!! hope i get lotz!!! haha im goin as Taylor Swift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love her songs! so i guess it makes perfect sence that im going as her!!!! i wish we had tomorrow off of school! im on gmail right now!! :) emailing people. haha and im on my phone. my friend Ali got to go horse back riding today! super jealous!!!!! haha jk but i do loveeeee riding horses!!!!! i do it all the time in montana cuz my cuzins own horses! ;) lol oh well hope you had fun Ali!!!!! Ali also has a blog called if you wanted to check it out! :) went to church today and thats pretty much it for today (besides going out to get my candy!) oh and thanks Kiley for the sucker it was Delicious!!!!!!! lol haha anyways have fun who ever is goin out tonight!!!!!!!! have funnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and get LOTZ of candy!!!! hahahahah yummmm!!!!!!!



went to the Zoo yesterday with 2 of my aunts and my sisters! we saw lotz of monkeys!!!!!! my fav monkey were the small ones with mustaches! they were super cute!!!!!!!we saw gorillas and orangutans! there was a baby one!!!! and its mom kept pulling it by the arm!! haha it would run away and she would bring it back over to her!! haha it was really funny!! then we saw the polar bears!!! they were big!!! then we saw the tigers, lions a snow leopard, and a cougar. the lions and tigers were huge!!!!!! then we saw wolves..... they were boring cuz they just layed there! lol we saw the zebras and giraffes. lol then we left. and we went to an animal shelter up the road... i dont know why we went there i guess my aunt just wanted to go there.. we saw birds and bunnies and a lot of cats!! and only like 6 or 7 dogs they were cute but very loud!!!!!!! 2 dogs kept on barking!!!!! but they were super sweeet! we held a kitten! we let after we put her back.. then we went out for dinner! tacos yum!!! well i had a goooooooooooood day yesterday!!!!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Grandma and grandpa!!!!

They are here!!! My grandma and grandpa! they come every year before they go to Florida for the winter!! :) they live in North Dakota! yayayayayayayayayyayayayayayayayayayayayay!!! hahahah I love them!!! had basketball again!!! owwww arms and legs hurt but i think im gettting stronger! ;) had math home work like always! we always get homework in math!! its true ask anyone!! Oh and im chatting with my friend Hannah on gmail! luv ya Hannah!! and I luv all my other friends!!!!!!!!!! they're the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well thats allll i wanted to say today!!!! :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Owwwww!!!! my legs, arms, feet, back!!! they all hurt!!!!!! i pulled a muscle in my leg yesterday from stretching!! i had math homework today!! and basketball after school again it was better than yesterday! which im happy about. but we still ran and did a lot of exercising!! i am so tired and i am just laying on the couch!!!!!! :) happy about that!!! i love the couch! its a good place to rest.........u can sit/lay on it when u watch a movie/tv (thats what i like to do) well thats what i did.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


First Basketball practice was today!!!!!!!! we ran a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( one of the teachers is really nice and the other one isnt the best. There is an A team and a B team i dont know what team im gonna be on!!!! uhhhhh i hate the running part. But i like the part where we just shoot the ball into the hoop!!! (and when we learn new things!) But definatly not the running! Haha well the good thing is that i had no homework!!!!!! :) I came home and watched tv and exercised so it will be easier to run next time!! I hope this is all worth it!

Monday, October 25, 2010


Monday's are the worst!!!!!!!!! because it means back to school and i wasnt ready to go back there!!! i have history homework, english homework and science homework!!! anyways im starting basketball tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! Im happy and sad about it because i love basketball but it takes up so much time to do practice after school everyday. But oh well im gonna play anyway :) :(  :) We had a big debate in reading today...i think the side i was on won!!!!! (it was for fun!) haha well that was my very boring day :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

More about me

My favorite color is Blue! My fav sport is basketball. I play the saxaphone for school. i have 2 sisters a mom and a dad :) No pets but i Love dogs!!!!!! ( and i really really want one!!!!!!!) lol i go on the computer a lot!! fav season is summer!! (even though my birthday is in the winter haha) fav state either Minnesota or Montana. I love Jesus Christ! ( im a christian and go to church every Sunday and Wednesday)  And I have the BEST friends!!!!!!!! ( an the best family too) which means i like to hangout with friends and family a lot!!!!! :)

<3 Allison

Kiley's house :)

Saturday I went to Kiley's house! We took pics outside. We did a photo shoot in her room!!!! it was fun!! then we watched a movie ( my sister's keeper) and painted nails. Went to bed slept great!! Woke up the next morning ate donuts!!!!! Then we went to church! had soooooooooo much fun Kiley!!!!!!

Friday Night (Sammy's B-day party!!!)

On Friday I went to my friend Sammy's b-day party!!! she invited me, morgan and louise. We all went to the mall and went shopping!!!! Had a blast!!!!! Her dad bought us ice cream.......... YUM! Then we went to Red box and got some movies.... morgan and louise fell asleep at like 3:30 am. Sammy and I were up until 6:15 am!! we all went outside to look for shooting stars (it was supposed to be a good night for that but it was cloudy :( so we went back inside)  But still a Fantastic party!!!!!!

My Blog

Hi my name is Allison. This is my blog!!! Im so excited! i will update as often as i can (pretty much everyday)
please comment!!! :) i will eventually be putting on pictures.