Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!!

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!! Candy candy candy! yummmmm! Im goin trick or treating!!!!!!!!!! are you???? a lot of my friends are!! :) (:  hehehehehe i cant wait!!!!!! hope i get lotz!!! haha im goin as Taylor Swift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love her songs! so i guess it makes perfect sence that im going as her!!!! i wish we had tomorrow off of school! im on gmail right now!! :) emailing people. haha and im on my phone. my friend Ali got to go horse back riding today! super jealous!!!!! haha jk but i do loveeeee riding horses!!!!! i do it all the time in montana cuz my cuzins own horses! ;) lol oh well hope you had fun Ali!!!!! Ali also has a blog called if you wanted to check it out! :) went to church today and thats pretty much it for today (besides going out to get my candy!) oh and thanks Kiley for the sucker it was Delicious!!!!!!! lol haha anyways have fun who ever is goin out tonight!!!!!!!! have funnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and get LOTZ of candy!!!! hahahahah yummmm!!!!!!!


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