Sunday, November 7, 2010

2 days with Hannah

yesterday i went to my friend Hannah's house and we went out side when it was super dark and we were spinning in circles untill we got dizzy and almost fell over!! haha was so much fun!!!!!!!! :) then we went in her room and we ate candy and played with her cat and talked about random stuff.. then i left.

Today i went to church and saw my friends ali, kiley rebekkah and other people!!!!! then i came home and i asked Hannah to come over. when Hannah got to my house we looked up a website for a place where u can ride horses! then we went to a park near my house and they have like hiking and biking trails and we walked like 6 miles!!! wowzerz! lolz then we came back to my house and we started drawing pictures of dogs and horses! they are Omazing! haha. then Hannah and i made brownies!! YUMMMMMM! they are super good! then she left. after she left she texted me saying that her mom wants to drive us to that horse riding place for a couple hours on Saturday!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! i SO want to go there!! i LOVE horses!!!!!!!!! oh my gosh! So cant wait for Saturday now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe i wish today was friday so tomorrow would be Saturday!!!!!!!! thats all for now!!!! C ya later!


  1. I can't believe you are going there Allison! I didn't know you could just show up and get to ride horses right away. I think you have to sign up or something... Well have fun anyways... :)

  2. lolz ya we emailed them and are finding out all the info stuff and ya we are signing up. haha IK!!!! I cant wait to go there!!!!!! its gunna be SO much fun!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!