Monday, November 22, 2010


ToDaY was a good day for me!!! i have no hw!!!!!!! YAY!! basketball practice was good too! it was funnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we have a game tomorrow!! wish me luck!! ;) its almost Thanks giving!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait!!!!! (if i havnt already mentioned i loveeeee Thanksgiving!) haha, i watched a weird/funny/cool/good movie on tv last night! I'm watching it again tonight!! its called Holiday in Handcuffs!! its about this 27 year old named Trudy who is going up to a cabin with her family for Christmas lol and she is bringing her boy friend Nick. and she works at a diner. and her boyfriend comes there and dumps here like 10 minutes before they are supposed to leave to drive up to the cabin!!!! its sad!! then she finds this really cute guy named David. and she tells her mom that she is still bringing nick, and then she kidnaps David!!!!!! and brings him up to the cabin and she pretends that David is nick!!!! haha its funny she is like mom, dad sometimes when nick gets nervous he starts saying things like "she kidnapped me!!" and so Trudy brings David in and nick and he is like your daughter is insane!!!! she kidnapped me!! and they are all laughing cuz they think he is just making it up!!! and so he tries to get away but it doesn't work..... he finally contacts his girlfriend who he was going to propose to at the diner the night he was kidnapped. lol anyway so they get to know each other better and then the girlfriend calls the cops and shes like my boyfriend was kidnapped!!!!!!!! so the police find them and take the whole family to jail!! but they dint press charges. so they all get out. then the next scene its Valentines day and David and the girl (not Trudy) are getting married! and she saw it in the paper. and Trudy likes to paint and she is at an art show that she is in. and  so then she comes out and this guy puts a blind fold on her and puts her in handcuffs!!! but its David!!!!!! :D hehe and it turns out he didn't marry that other girl cuz he liked Trudy!!!! it was so happy!!!! i love that movie!!! :) it was sad and happy!!! then its the and! hahah so that's all i wanted to say! :)

see ya!
<3 Allison

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