Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Yesterday (Wednesday) Church Carnival!!!!

Yesterday (which was Wednesday) I had a pretty good day. But the fun was after school. so when I came home from school i went downstairs on my computer. (fun right!?) Then my sisters came home and my sister Jessica, brought her friend Zoe over!! Zoe is really fun to hangout with (even though she's 2 years younger than me) so we went outside and we played with my neighbors dog, Max and played with their cat Maylin :) shes super cute! After that we went inside and we left to go to my church carnival. I was going to help with the horse rides for the little kids but the horses weren't there when I got there so I went to the room with the smaller animals and there were bunnies for sale!! they were adorable, I held a few of them. Then I saw my friend Haven and we walked around and then we saw Ali and Kiley!! :) Then the horses came so I was outside for 2 and a half hours!! it was a lot of fun!! I love horses! then Haven, Ali and Kiley came out to see me because they thought I might be bored (haha thanks guys!! wasn't really bored but..... It was nice to see ya!! oh and thanks Haven for bringing me the candy) When I was done with the horses I went inside the church and hung out with Ali and Haven for a little bit and Haven wanted to get her sister a fish!! :) so Haven got her sister a fish and she got one for herself and then Ali and Haven had to leave :(  So then I went to see what my sisters and their friends were doing. then we all went home!!! I had an Amazing time!! I took some pictures, I'll put them up later!! :)
I <3 Church carnivals!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

What happens when it rains?

I didn't really know what to post about but I wanted to post some pictures. I like to take pictures of things outside so this morning I took my camera outside and I took pictures of the beautiful things that the rain had made, so I decided to do a post with pictures about what you can see when it rains! Enjoy!

      When it rains you see things like.....

Wet, fresh green grass.

Rocks with raindrops

Wet bark on trees.

Small puddles on the ground..

And a small raindrop hanging from the branch of a tree. (sorry the raindrop is kind of hard to see)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Montana Pictures!! ♥

I love all of these pictures so much!! These pictures were all taken at my cousin's house and these are their horses!

This is my uncle riding Winstar! Winstar is so beautiful!

                          Winstar.... up close

                             Me on Trigger!! <3

me on Trigger again!

                                                            My sister's on Kate!

Those are some of the pictures from when I went to see my cousins in Montana!! <3

All the reasons I love the state of Montana!

#1  My aunt, uncle, and my 4 cousins I am very close to live in Montana! They are all Amazing!! I love them soo much!

#2  Mountains! I love the mountains. They are so beautiful!!

They look better if you see them in person!! and they look different! (not like this one)

#3  Horses!!! like everyone in Montana owns horses! (not really) but a lot of people do! (my cousin's have horses!!)

That's a picture of me on the horse and my uncle (he's talking to me) The horse I'm on his name is Trigger!! :) I <3 Trigger!

#4  There is so much fresh air out there in Montana!! :) (sometimes it smells weird)

#5  Its just fun to be in Montana, with my cousins! And the horses and mountains!!

Well its really only 5 things but i guess 5 is a lot to me because those are the 5 things I like best about Montana :) 

BFF's ~ Gotta Love 'em

I love my friends soooooo much! they are always around when I need someone to talk to... or someone to text! They are always nice to me! I have so many Bff's and I love them all!! Here are all my buddies!

Science buddies:
~ Stephani

English buddies:

Math buddies:

Reading/PLTW buddies

Band/Gym buddies
~Ali H.

History buddies!:
~Ali H.

Bus buddies:
~Laura (sometimes she's on the bus)

Bff/buddies i hangout with outside of school:
~Hannah (a lot)
~Ali H. (sometimes)

Church buddies:
~Ali B.

Buddies i dont have classes with... :(
~Hannah D.

I <3 My Bff's!!!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Arabian Horses ♥

These are some really cute pictures of arabian horses

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


On Friday there is going to be a carnival at my old elementary school!! Hannah and I are going there to help set up some stuff then we are going to play a few games! We are going to get to see some of our teachers!! :) Than we are going to have a sleepover!! I love carnivals!! Cotton Candy, popcorn, games and more!!!!!!! So exciting and so much fun! We are going to have so much fun! :D

Sunday, April 10, 2011


I really want a Lab! They are my favorite breed of dogs!

Chocolate Lab:

                                                                     Yellow Lab:

Black Lab:

I <3 Labs!


My Sunday went a little like this..... Got up got dressed and went to church. :) Played with some little kids (some kids really like my phone)  Then I went down to my class and i talked with Ali. Then I saw Kiley. I went home. It was really nice out so I put my shorts and a tank top on, got my flip flops and went outside. I didn't know what to do so I was texting my friend Madeline and she gave me the idea of soccer 'cuz that's what she was doing outside. So I played soccer for 10 minutes then I went inside for lunch. When I was done with lunch I went outside and I played with my neighbor's cat. Then I played with their dog Max for a couple hours (he had tons of energy) He's super cute! Max is a Chocolate Lab!! :) After that I helped my mom with some work in the yard and Max followed me around and i played with him again while I saw in the sun and wind ;) Then he went home and I went inside! Spring is here!!!

This isn't Max but he looks exactly like this! He even had that kind of collar.

~Allison <3

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Soul Surfer

Today I saw Soul Surfer with my friend Hannah! Its an Amazing movie! I can't believe that really happened to a girl! :D That movie  makes me want to learn how to surf! Haha but I would always be afraid that there would be a shark! I still want to learn how to surf though! I love the water... and it seems like tons of fun! It's one of my favorite movies!


 Wow! I can't believe that my first week back to school is over!! This week went by pretty fast. Now its Saturday. So yesterday was a lot different from my other Fridays. I used to sleep over at my aunts house every other Friday but lately when ever I was supposed to do that I had a babysitting job. But This Friday (yesterday) I actually DID go to my aunts. Just me and my sister Jackie. First we went to my aunts house, then we ate (Ribs and mac 'n cheese) yummm...., then we had to drop Jackie off at a school party that went from 6:30 to 9:00 I saw a few of my old teachers and talked to them a bit. :)
We took the dogs with us( for the ride to school) my aunt and uncle have 2 dogs. A German Wire haired Pointer named Heidi and a Miniature Pincher named Sammie. They were so cute!! the put their heads out the window like any other dog would and we put the windows down a little bit but not too much and Heidi kept stepping on the button to make it go down farther. My sister thought we should have left them in the car because they could probably start the car ;)

 Then I went back with my aunt and we watched part of a movie and talked and my aunt called. And at first we couldn't get the tv to work because of this one remote so my aunt threw it out into the yard and we used the other ones. Then we had to go pick up Jackie and I talked to some of my teachers more, and Jackie brought a "treat" and she told me I would like it but i had to eat it with my eyes closed, hmmm..? But it was good, it was this chocolate thing. so then we went home and we watched Mall Cop, and after that we got ready...(by this time it was like 11) and Jackie played on my uncles ipod in bed and i read my book. Then we fell asleep.

                                    That was a good Friday!! Very different from my passed Friday that i spent babysitting.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Contest winners! And *More*

The Winners of my *Sunset* contest are..... Hannah and me. Ir was a tie.... but I LOVE all the pictures!! They are all great in their own way! Thanks everyone who entered and voted, I love 'em!

                                                      Here are the winning pictures
                                                           Hannah's Sunset picture   

 My Sunset picture

I have decided to do something to keep this blog interesting.. Anyone who loves to take pictures might be interested! So here's my idea If you have a picture that you took and you want to send it to me so I can put it on my blog I would love that!! I would like to see all the kinds of pictures everyone takes.
* If you are interested send your pictures to
* You can send as many pictures as you want and you can send them at anytime.

Hope you like my new idea!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

A few cool pictures! :)

Here are some pictures I found on my computer!!
Cool ship, pretty water and sky!

 Wow! I just love this picture, it looks so beautiful outside!

This is a wonderful picture!

Eiffel Tower...and is that water?!?! This is my favorite!

Vote :)

2 more days to vote for your favorite sunset picture!! I need more votes because right now there is a 4 way tie!