Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Yesterday (Wednesday) Church Carnival!!!!

Yesterday (which was Wednesday) I had a pretty good day. But the fun was after school. so when I came home from school i went downstairs on my computer. (fun right!?) Then my sisters came home and my sister Jessica, brought her friend Zoe over!! Zoe is really fun to hangout with (even though she's 2 years younger than me) so we went outside and we played with my neighbors dog, Max and played with their cat Maylin :) shes super cute! After that we went inside and we left to go to my church carnival. I was going to help with the horse rides for the little kids but the horses weren't there when I got there so I went to the room with the smaller animals and there were bunnies for sale!! they were adorable, I held a few of them. Then I saw my friend Haven and we walked around and then we saw Ali and Kiley!! :) Then the horses came so I was outside for 2 and a half hours!! it was a lot of fun!! I love horses! then Haven, Ali and Kiley came out to see me because they thought I might be bored (haha thanks guys!! wasn't really bored but..... It was nice to see ya!! oh and thanks Haven for bringing me the candy) When I was done with the horses I went inside the church and hung out with Ali and Haven for a little bit and Haven wanted to get her sister a fish!! :) so Haven got her sister a fish and she got one for herself and then Ali and Haven had to leave :(  So then I went to see what my sisters and their friends were doing. then we all went home!!! I had an Amazing time!! I took some pictures, I'll put them up later!! :)
I <3 Church carnivals!!!

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