Wednesday, April 20, 2011

All the reasons I love the state of Montana!

#1  My aunt, uncle, and my 4 cousins I am very close to live in Montana! They are all Amazing!! I love them soo much!

#2  Mountains! I love the mountains. They are so beautiful!!

They look better if you see them in person!! and they look different! (not like this one)

#3  Horses!!! like everyone in Montana owns horses! (not really) but a lot of people do! (my cousin's have horses!!)

That's a picture of me on the horse and my uncle (he's talking to me) The horse I'm on his name is Trigger!! :) I <3 Trigger!

#4  There is so much fresh air out there in Montana!! :) (sometimes it smells weird)

#5  Its just fun to be in Montana, with my cousins! And the horses and mountains!!

Well its really only 5 things but i guess 5 is a lot to me because those are the 5 things I like best about Montana :) 

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