Saturday, April 9, 2011


 Wow! I can't believe that my first week back to school is over!! This week went by pretty fast. Now its Saturday. So yesterday was a lot different from my other Fridays. I used to sleep over at my aunts house every other Friday but lately when ever I was supposed to do that I had a babysitting job. But This Friday (yesterday) I actually DID go to my aunts. Just me and my sister Jackie. First we went to my aunts house, then we ate (Ribs and mac 'n cheese) yummm...., then we had to drop Jackie off at a school party that went from 6:30 to 9:00 I saw a few of my old teachers and talked to them a bit. :)
We took the dogs with us( for the ride to school) my aunt and uncle have 2 dogs. A German Wire haired Pointer named Heidi and a Miniature Pincher named Sammie. They were so cute!! the put their heads out the window like any other dog would and we put the windows down a little bit but not too much and Heidi kept stepping on the button to make it go down farther. My sister thought we should have left them in the car because they could probably start the car ;)

 Then I went back with my aunt and we watched part of a movie and talked and my aunt called. And at first we couldn't get the tv to work because of this one remote so my aunt threw it out into the yard and we used the other ones. Then we had to go pick up Jackie and I talked to some of my teachers more, and Jackie brought a "treat" and she told me I would like it but i had to eat it with my eyes closed, hmmm..? But it was good, it was this chocolate thing. so then we went home and we watched Mall Cop, and after that we got ready...(by this time it was like 11) and Jackie played on my uncles ipod in bed and i read my book. Then we fell asleep.

                                    That was a good Friday!! Very different from my passed Friday that i spent babysitting.

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