Sunday, April 10, 2011


My Sunday went a little like this..... Got up got dressed and went to church. :) Played with some little kids (some kids really like my phone)  Then I went down to my class and i talked with Ali. Then I saw Kiley. I went home. It was really nice out so I put my shorts and a tank top on, got my flip flops and went outside. I didn't know what to do so I was texting my friend Madeline and she gave me the idea of soccer 'cuz that's what she was doing outside. So I played soccer for 10 minutes then I went inside for lunch. When I was done with lunch I went outside and I played with my neighbor's cat. Then I played with their dog Max for a couple hours (he had tons of energy) He's super cute! Max is a Chocolate Lab!! :) After that I helped my mom with some work in the yard and Max followed me around and i played with him again while I saw in the sun and wind ;) Then he went home and I went inside! Spring is here!!!

This isn't Max but he looks exactly like this! He even had that kind of collar.

~Allison <3

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