Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Two years ago, my cousin Evan graduated high school!
He lives in Montana so we had to drive 13 hours.....long drive!
I just found some pictures from his graduation/trip we took out there in May of 2010 and I thought it would be cool to share the pictures.
Why don't some guys smile in pictures??

Erika & Elle, My bffs and cousins! (and of course Evan's sisters)

Delicious cake...mmmm.

More cake!!

How cool is that!? I hope i get something like that from my school! And i wish I was a Mustang. (but I would be a Filly!)

That's my aunt, Janell.

Erika :)

Elle :)

Erika and me.

Jackie and I on their horses.

I'm on Kate and Jackie's on Trigger.

Jessica and Jackie on Kate.

Me on Trigger.

Elle really loves pigs.

Elle on Winstar.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Yesterday, Hannah and I went to a birthday party for Hannah's riding instructor.
The party was lumberjack themed, so what did we do all day..?
We rode horses! What else would we do?!?!
It was such a fun party.

Me, Hannah, and Biscuit :)

Me, Harley, Hannah, and Biscuit!

Harley and me!

Me and Biscuit. Isn't she pretty?

Me and Biscuit again... :)

Here are a few other people riding at the party.

Happy birthday Maria!

Friday, October 21, 2011


Yesterday I took my sister and her friend Anna on a walk and we went on some really cool trails by my house. When we got back they went over to my neighbors house and started to climb my neighbors tree. Tree climbing fun...? Jackie and Anna think it is. :)

Leaves are gone!

Well... here's my sister, standing in our backyard right before we went on the walk and she was refusing to open her eyes and smile like a normal person.

My neighbors tree still has leaves.

Jackie's up in the tree.

And she's going higher.

There's Anna. She's so cute.

and shes even higher!

Anna's climbing up to Jackie!

There's Anna, just chillin' in the tree.

I finished redecorating this corner of my room :)

Here's a poem I have written on my whiteboard.

Have a good weekend :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Apple Orchard!

Today I went to the Apple Orchard with my friend Hannah. We had a great time.

Hannah's shoes :)

Huge corn field! We went through a corn maze!

Me and Hannah :)
This was when we went on a tractor ride!

Shadows of the people on the tractor ride ;)


Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Wonderful cousin Erika ♥


This is me and Erika last summer (2010)

This is us now.

Erika is the cousin that tells me everything, the good and the bad and I tell her everything, the good and the bad. She understands me like no one else. We have always been close. We did everything together when we were little. We still talk to each other but its over the phone because we live 12 hours away and we see each other once a year. Every year when we see each other we can't be separated. I follow her wherever she goes and she follows me wherever I go. We can pack a whole years worth of fun into 1 week. We share the same interests so its always easy to find something to talk about. She told me a few days ago that she wishes she could come and live with me and I wish that could happen. Erika and I are like best friends.
I Love You Erika <3