Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Two years ago, my cousin Evan graduated high school!
He lives in Montana so we had to drive 13 hours.....long drive!
I just found some pictures from his graduation/trip we took out there in May of 2010 and I thought it would be cool to share the pictures.
Why don't some guys smile in pictures??

Erika & Elle, My bffs and cousins! (and of course Evan's sisters)

Delicious cake...mmmm.

More cake!!

How cool is that!? I hope i get something like that from my school! And i wish I was a Mustang. (but I would be a Filly!)

That's my aunt, Janell.

Erika :)

Elle :)

Erika and me.

Jackie and I on their horses.

I'm on Kate and Jackie's on Trigger.

Jessica and Jackie on Kate.

Me on Trigger.

Elle really loves pigs.

Elle on Winstar.

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