Sunday, October 23, 2011


Yesterday, Hannah and I went to a birthday party for Hannah's riding instructor.
The party was lumberjack themed, so what did we do all day..?
We rode horses! What else would we do?!?!
It was such a fun party.

Me, Hannah, and Biscuit :)

Me, Harley, Hannah, and Biscuit!

Harley and me!

Me and Biscuit. Isn't she pretty?

Me and Biscuit again... :)

Here are a few other people riding at the party.

Happy birthday Maria!


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  2. So fun!! I love birthday parties. and horses. and you know, you. ;) we need to hang out SOON!

  3. Happyflower: Thanks for sending me the links for your blogs.

    Kiley: love you too! we do need to hangout soon! emila me or text me!! ♥