Saturday, March 5, 2011


Today I woke up with my friend Sammy by my side. Sammy slept over at my house last night. We watched tv, worked on our blog:, and made muffins! yum! then after my mom and I brought Sammy home i went to the mall with my friend Hannah!! We had a good time! I bought some candy, and we both bought a necklace that says  you&me ! Its awesome. well thats pretty much my day!



  1. well PSHH!! thanks for bringing me! HAHAHA JK!!! JK!!! i was doing a lot today any way(: love ya

  2. lol well that's why i asked you what u were doing after my house! we were gunna bring you but u were doing something with ur dad (; hope you have fun! did u get anything?
    Love ya!