Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The new me!! :)

Hey, everyone! I haven't posted in forever! Sorry about that I've just been so busy and well... I haven't have many ideas of what to take pictures of! I have some new pictures to share, although they are pictures from my ipod they are still great. Now some great news, Christmas is now in ONLY 4 days! I can't wait any longer, yesterday morning I got my braces off, lastly, my birthday is in 2 days.

Monday :)

Tuesday! :D

Call me crazy but I love wearing shorts in the winter!

My Christmas tree <3

 I Love Christmas!


  1. wouldn't a puppy look so adorable under that tree Christmas morning? <3

  2. I wanted to throw a party the day I got my braces off. Worst three years of my life!