Monday, May 23, 2011

A day at Hannah's.

Yesterday after I got home from church, I went to my friend Hannah's house. We were on cat duty for a while because her cat kept going outside and killing baby bunnies :'( It was sad! Hannah's cat Danni killed 4 baby bunnies. It was terrible because they were so cute and small. Danni's a good hunter, but i feel bad for the baby bunnies. But other than that I took a lot of pictures. Hannah and I went to her neighbor Addie's house. We played with Addie (We are going to be babysitting Addie this summer). Then Hannah and I played basketball and we took more pictures. Anyways here are the pictures I took.............

That's Danni

There she is again..

Awwww......look at her face!! So cute!



Tree in Addie's yard.

We threw rocks in the pond! I love the ripples!

More rocks thrown in the pond.

I was playing with Addie when Hannah took this picture of a goose.

Went back to Hannah's and got this picture of a flower.

Also got this pic.

And this one... It's my favorite out of those three.

Went in Hannah's back yard and we found an egg shell!!

The sky was falling! The sky was falling!! Right on my camera! Haha just kidding.

Look...! It's an air plane. They fly over my house all the time! And I guess they go over Hannah's house too!

Basketball hoop.

The hoop at a different angle

Hoop from the side!

Hoop from the back.

In these next pictures...... Hannah took the pictures as I shot baskets.

Allison makes it in! 2 points!

I made it again...

Very pretty pink tree that grows in Hannah's yard! I love it!!

Here's the tree from a different angle.

And here is the tree one more time.

I'm holding a flower that came off the tree!!

That was my day at Hannah's!!!


  1. Awesome pictures! I especially love the basket ball hoop ones!:)

  2. Ali: Thanks! I love those ones too!! <3

    Sammy: Thank you.

  3. love all the flowers and the ripples in the water! aren't those cool!? :)

  4. Thank ya! If your asking me then ya I love taking pictures of ripples in water and they are super cool!