Friday, May 6, 2011


Today is Friday! End of the week turned out to be a good one. Although they could have had something better for lunch! ;) Other than that it was a good day! In science class we attempted to make an origami flower for mothers day, lets just say that it didn't work out to well. Mine started out pretty good but then it started looking weird so I just put it down and started doing something else. English was pretty boring, nothing new to report there! Math.... let me see.......took a mini quiz. Had donuts in advisor!! :D yummmm! PLTW (projects lead the way) not my favorite class, I had a test in that class. In gym class we were supposed to run 3 laps (3 quarters of a mile) but we didn't run at all! We played football.. I wish we could have picked our own teams. But I did have one of my friends on my team. Her name is Margie. She scored a touch down (sorta, she wasn't in the end zone but she was close to it when someone pulled her flag off so they gave our team a point!) Good job Margie! I had to be quarter back once haha I'm not that bad at that! Then there's history, my last class. We watched a short video, then we watched a video and took notes on the Mayas and the Aztecs (really boring video Mr. Golden!) He should have gotten something more exciting!! Well I guess he thinks everything in history is interesting... haha. Then I went one the bus and talked to Hannah and that was my day!!

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