Thursday, June 9, 2011


On June 6th, 7th, and 8th I was one at a place called Wolfridge. It was about 5 hours up north. We rode up there on coach buses. The buses were nice. On the way there and on the way back we watched Finding Nemo. I love that movie! especially Nemo, Marlin, Dori, Crush, Squirt, Bubbles, Gill, Deb/Flow, peach and Jacque and more! I didn't really like wolfridge that much. Either way, I took some cool pictures of the trip! I did have fun spending 3 days with my friends!! <3

Here we go!!!!

We got on the buses at 5:45 a.m. (very early!) I sat by Hannah.

The sky!

Hannah           and         Casie
This is Hannah and Casie (more of my friends)

Hannah and Casie again.

Hannah and Casie walking in front of me.

We stopped to go to the bathroom and get a snack and I took a pic of this..

and this...

and this!!

This is my friend Alli. She doesnt smile in pictures, she just makes weird faces.

Alli again, and there were bugs out!!

Alli and our friend Maya.

Here are the buses we came in, I have a better picture of one later on.

There was some construction work going on..

More construction work.

Even more construction work!!!!

BIG rocks..

We Finally got to our rooms! There is Kaitlyn on the <------ and hannah on the -------> haha

Casie and Hannah


My friend Laura. She was pretending to be scared.

Laura again.

Laura and hannah..

Laura on KP (kitchen patrol)

We went on a hike to marshall mt. (it was a long walk!)

We walked up Marshall MT. I sat down and..........

saw Raven Lake!

Then I took more pics on the way down, you can kind of see the water.

You can see the water a little..


We made a fire.... and

cooked Wild rice.

oops.. forgot to turn the pic around but anyways, this is my friend Sophia.

Me and Casie!

Kaitlyn and Laura. (I call Kaitlyn Kaity Shae though,)

Me and Kaity Shae!

Kaity Shae! I love the camera she has (its her mom's though)

Me and Kaity Shae made a heart with our hands and put it around Laura.

We did it again.

Me and Reanna.

Me and Stephani!

Haha Hannah was laughing.

My blue toes, that Kaity Shae loves!! Kaity Shae's colorfull shoes and Casie's black and white shoes!

STAR! Made from the feet of: me, Kaity Shae, Casie, Hannah, and Hannah.

There's a close up opf the buses we were traveling in.... BUT! Our bus came an hour late! so this is not our bus.. :(

Me and Kaity Shae.... Thumbs UP! this still isn't our bus but we were happy to be leaving soon!!

And our bus got there about 20 min after the other bus left!

The End

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