Saturday, August 27, 2011


Last night my friend Laura had a party. My friends Sammy and Hannah were invited too. Sammy, Hannah and I didn't sleep at all!! Haha now I'm tired. What did we do?? We called people on our phones from school and we all talked to them, we danced, watched a movie (another Cinderella story) , we prank called people and we made funny videos.... we also took a walk and went mail boxing and planking :P Haha It was an amazing party!

                                                  Sammy                         Me                    Hannah

Us again(:

Me and Sammy

Sammy in her Perry the platypus shirt!!


  1. What is mail boxing and planking??

  2. planking is where u just lay down and act like a plank :P and you just put ur head in a mail box for 15 seconds when mail boxing.... all Sammy's idea :]