Sunday, August 14, 2011

What's in my room??

Well usually in my room I have a bed, closet, desk and well you know the rest, but today I'm not going to show you pictures of that stuff but pictures of small things in my room. But before I show you what's in my room I have to announce that it's my cousin's birthday today!! Happy 20th birthday Evan!

1) My puppy dog wallet :) I love dogs.

2) My new bracelet!

3) Flip flops!! I loveeee flip flops! I got these a size big so I can wear them next year :) Aren't they awesome?!

Original picture.

Edit #1

Edit #2

And Edit #3

 4) A deck of cards! Now with these cards I can do 2 pretty cool tricks and they Always work!

There is all of it, plus some crackel nail polish and some rings :)

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  1. cool post! i ♥ flip flops too! and you have crackel? luckyy. :]